Post-procedure skin care

body skincare

Dehydrated skin often feels both dry and oily at the same time.

dry skin type is a constant state of dryness, where the skin produces significantly less of oil, causing a tight, often flaky and itchy skin, with almost unnoticeable pores.
Although both dry and dehydrated skin depend on oils and water to stay healthy and resistant, dry skin type mainly lacks oils, while dehydrated skin lacks water.

dry skin is strongly linked with weakened skin barrier.
When the skin lacks its natural oils, it’s unable to prevent moisture loss or prevent harmful organisms and toxins from entiering the skin.
The lack of moisture makes the skin feel tight and irritated.
The lack of lipids and an unbalanced pH level deprives skin cells of the ability to stick together, which results in flaky skin.

Dry skin and barrier damage causes activation of itch-associated nerve fibres.
Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the skin moisturized and avoid scratching. Scratching results in further tearing and weakening of the skin’s barrier and worsen the risk of infection.