Dry skin type

Genetics, hormones and age largely determine how your skin behaves. It can be tricky to figure out what type of skin you have, because your skins condition can vary due to other factors such as skincare habits, age, eating habits, stress, sleep habits and whether the skin is exposed to a lot of sun and urban pollution.

Knowing what type of skin you have makes it easier to choose products that suit your skin and which products to avoid.
Self-examine your skin based on how often you need to reapply moisturizer and how well your skin tolerates different products. Is your skin surface usually more or less shiny? Or not shiny at all?
The size of your pores is also a good indicator of what type of skin you have.

Permanently dry or temporarily dehydrated? To be able to select the right skincare products, it’s first and foremost important to distinguish between dry skin type and dehydrated skin. Although both have similar symptoms, they are caused by completely different factors and require different products.

Dehydrated skin is mainly caused by external factors while truly dry skin is caused by an inherited inability to produce sebum and intracellular lipids. these oils maintain a intact keep the skin smooth, flexible and

The skin’s natural oils makes the skin smooth and flexible maintain a slightly acidic pH that protects it from bacteria  and pollutants. They keep the skin barrier intact and recilliant . Because dry skin lacks these lipids, the skin is less able to stop harmful organisms from entiering. and prevent water from evaporating from the surface. Unlike dehydrated skin, which usually feels tight but looks more or less shiny with visible pores, truly dry skin lacks that shiny surface due to reduced lipid production. That is also why they have less visible pores on the face.

This causes irritation, itchiness and flakiness. Truly dry skin needs to be replenished with water as well as lipids to help trap moisture and keep the skin barrier intact.

Dehydration on the other hand is a temporary condition that can affect anybody regardless of skin type. Dehydrated skin means that the skin barrier has been weakened for some reason and the skin is unable to retain water.

A temporarily weakened skin barrier is most often caused by external factors such as dry air or bad skincare habits such as too harsh/frekvent washing or strong and abrasive exfoliation/peelings. To infuse  lipid and water content in the skin.×××


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