Both age signs and blemishes

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Fighting both acne breakouts and signs of aging can be frustrating, especially as the conventionall acne products often cause skin inflammation and dehydration. This in turn aggravate the appearance of lines and wrinkles and accelerate skin aging.

What contributes to adult acne?

Acne is strongly associated with adolescence, and that’s why adult acne can  cause more emotional stress than breakouts during teenage years, simply because teenage acne is considered more “normal”. Adult acne is in fact becoming more common due to stress and overly advanced skincare routines. Because adult skin is thinner and more prone to dryeness and irritation, conventional acne fighting products such as hars cleansers, toners with alcohol and benzoyl peroxide can damage the skin barrier, leaving it dehydrated and inflammed. This not only causes more acne breakouts  but also premature aging due to the inflammatory effect of these kind of products. With age, the skin isn’t able to fight inflammation as easily as it used to, which makes it even more important to avoid irritating the skin. Instead, focus on nourishing and strenghtening the skin with plenty of moisture and antioxidants.  our multifunctional xxx, specifically designed to target both adult acne and age signs without causing irritation.

indoor and outdoor airborne pollutants such as car exhaust fumes, household cleaners, factory emissions, dust and tobacco smoke. These toxins penetrate the skin and induce inflammatory processes and oxidative stress, which can worsen acne and accelerate skin aging.

Genetics, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, contraceptives and breast feeding causes the hormones to fluctuate, leading to acne flare ups.  This can even occour in menopause due to hormonal fluctuation.

As we age, the cellular turnover slows and dead skin cells pile up on the surface of the skin, clogging and stretching the pores. This can also be a contributing cause of adult acne. Due to thinner skin and less effective skin renewal, acne and acne marks heals slower. Xxx boosts the skin renewal process and… xxx exfoliation xxx prebiotic detoxifier

Excessive sun exposure Causes inflammation in skin which leads to both premature aging and acne. Over exposure to sun tends to dry out the skin making it more sensitive, dry and flaky. This makes the skin more receptive to bacteria. The dry skin flakes can clog the pores, leading to blemishes. Inflammaging and sensitivity xxx add lingostem serum with lingonberry stemcells provide cell repair

Stress If you are prone to acne, stress can aggregate the condition by increasing sebum production, causing clogged pores.

As adult skin differs from teenage skin in that it’s thinner and less oily thus tend to dry out more easily and become sensitized, it’s even more important to avoid these products.