Adult acne

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Acne breakouts can be really frustrating and there are no guarantees that you can breathe a sigh of relief once the teenage years are over. In fact, adult acne is becoming more common.

What causes adult acne? Convential anti acne skincare products can damage the skin barrier, leaving it dehydrated and inflammed. This not only causes more acne breakouts  but also premature aging due to the dehydrating and inflammatory effect of those kind of products.
Hormonal imbalance due to anxiety and stress, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause play a big role in acne. Polluted air outdoors and indoors can clog the pores and trigger inflammation, causing both acne and accelerated skin aging.

The “what skincare should i use” dilemma.

Fighting both pimples and age signs can be difficult, especially since most acne products are formulated to suit young skin and are too drying for adult skin, making it look older than it is. On the other hand, many “anti-age” products are too rich and heavy, which clogs the pores and trigger more acne breakouts. In other words, it is a difficult balancing act to manage both acne and age signs. Because of gradual loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid, adult skin is thinner and more prone to dryness.
Regular use of drying anti-acne products such as harsh cleansers and peelings, alcohol based toners or benzoyl peroxide can trigger inflammaging, i.e. premature skin aging caused by chronic inflammation. Since adult skin can’t fight inflammation as effectively as younger skin, it’s even more important to avoid harsh and drying skincare.

Another crucial difference between young and mature skin is that skin renewal slows as we age, which is why acne and acne marks heals more slowly. On top of that, adult skin is usually drier, which also delays the healing process. Xxx boosts the skin renewal process and. Adds the

our multifunctional xxx, specifically designed to gently but effectivly target both adult acne and age signs.

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