My face has visible veins

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Capillaries are thin blood vessels located near the skin surface. These provide the skin with oxygen and nutrients, and transport away waste.
These thin vessels are exposed to repeated stresses, which can weaken the walls and cause the capillarie to remain dilated.

What causes visible capillaries?
Visible veins usually appear on the nose, chin, and cheeks.
Alcohol consumotion, intensive exercize, extreme weather, exessive sun exposure and even sneezing can dialate the capillaries.

During winter, fluctuations in temperature between indoors and outdoors causes the capillaries to expand and contract repeatedly.

Dry air, cold winter winds, over-exposure to sunlight dehydrates the skin, and because dry skin is thinner and more fragile, the risk of damage to the vessels increases.
Because dry skin is thinner, the blood vessels are more clearly visible. Therefore, deep moisturize is key in maintaining the skins resilience.

Hereditary tendency like sensitive skintype and certain skin conditions like acne and rosacea increase the tendancy to develop visible blood vessels.

If you have acne, let pimples heal naturally to avoid both broken vessels and red marks.

Treat your skin gently, stay away from peels with sharp grains, dehydrating face cleansers and avoid drying your face too vigorously.

Hot showers cause both rapid vasodilation and skin dryness, which can damage the vessels and make them more visible.

With age, the capillaries gradually lose their flexibility and healing ability, increasing the risk of ruptured blood vessels.

Rosacea Flushing and redness due to increased blood flow and dialated cappilairies are typical symptoms, mainly affecting cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.

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