My face has visible veins

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Capillaries are thin blood vessels located near the skin surface. These provide the skin with oxygen and nutrients, and transport away waste.
These thin vessels are exposed to repeated stresses, which can weaken the vessel walls and leads to the capillaries remaining dilated.  
The best way to prevent the spider veins is to not get them in the first place.

hereditary tendency to get ruptured blood vessels is common in sensitive skin, acne and rosacea. Let pimples heal naturally to avoid both broken vessels and scars.
Avoid overexposure to sunlight and wind,

Because dehydrated skin is thinner and more sensitive, the risk of damage to the vessels increases. Therefore, it is to moisturize the skin to maintain its resilience.

Treat your skin gently, stay away from harsh peels with sharp grains and avoid drying the face too vigorously. Hot showers are very relaxing but should also be avoided, as they cause rapid vasodilation which can damage the vessel.

With age, the capillaries gradually lose their flexibility and healing ability, which contributes to more ruptured blood vessels appearing.