Dull skin

Dull skin 1

What causes dull skin? Radiance and glow depend on how the light is reflected from the skin. A smooth surface gives an even reflection, while dry and flaky skin, enlarged pores, acne and wrinkles absorbes and shatters the light, making the skin look dull and uneven. Although dry, rough and ashy complexion is often associated with mature skin, anyone can experience dull skin, regardless of skin type or age.

Exfoliation and moisture Hydrated skin is more even, supple and smooth, which contributes to a healthy glow. Gentle cleansing and exfoliation prevents clogged and streched pores and improves the skin’s texture. Xxxx smoothing and revitalizing peeling buffs away dead skin cells, while boosting the skin with xxx

Harsh cleansers and peelings can cause dull skin by stripping it of it’s natural oils which keep the skin flexible, smooth and radiant. Xxx biome caring and detoxifying

As we age, the cell renewal process slows down. Instead, skin cells accumulate on the skin surface, streches the pores and

Age affects the skin’s ability to repair itself as the renewal process slows down and the quality of the skin cells gradually deteriorates. Because skin collagen is broken down and not regenerated, the skin loses it’s flexibility, hydration and fullness. The skin surface becomes drier and uneven with wrinkles and stretched pores, which prevents an even light reflection. Dead skin cells accumulate on the skin surface, contributing to dull and uneven skin tone. Xxx over night

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