Dull skin

• Dull skin
What is dull skin?
dull skin is often attributed to mature people, but dry, rough and ashy skin can affect anyone, regardless of skin type or age.

The radiance of your skin is highly dependent on how the light is reflected from the skin surface. An even and smooth skin gives an even reflection. Dry and flaky skin, acne, enlarged pores, wrinkles and ackumulation of dead skin cells on the skins surface absorbes and shatters the light, making the skin look dull and older.

Exfoliation is key. Our skin will not look flawless and healthy unless it is smooth and moisturized.
Poor cellular turnover causes dead skin cells to accumulate on the surface of the face.
The skin looks dull and lacks that healthy radiance.
Normally, the epidermis sheds dead cells approximately every 28 days. Unfortunately, things seldom proceed according to plan.

As we age, the cell renewal process slows down. The skin does not get rid of old skin cells as effectively anymore, instead, they accumulate on the skin surface.

Younger skin can also look lifeless due to dehydration. The dryness can in turn be due to genetic, climate, air pollution. 

Improper, harsh and overly advanced skin care routines, which irritate and dry out the skin.  an over-exfoliated skin can also lead to dry, flaky and dull skin because it deprives the skin of its moisturizing oils that smooth and glowing.

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