Acne marks

Acne can leave red or brown marks. Post acne discolorations are caused by inflammation in the form of Often, the discoloration after acne can be worse and more stubborn than the pimple itself. Even though the pimple is long since gone, this irritainting reminder .

Brown post acne marks
Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
PIH are brownish marks that remain after a blemish has healed. The marks occour due to inflammation which increase the melanin production. and primarily affects people of colour.

Red post acne marks
post inflammatory erythema (PIE) is  pink-to-red discoloration after an acne lesion, that mainly affects fair-skinned people.
The redness is a result of dialated cappilairies due to the inflammation. this annoying after effect can be stubborn and linger on the skin for weeks or even months.

Avoiding over exposure to the sun. Sun exposure causes inflammation and dehydrates the skin. Although sunburn can temporarily hide acne marks, dehydration can aggravate skin irritation, which in turn causes redness. Since the sun also stimulates melanin production, it can exacerbate PIH.

Acne caused redness can also be get worse if you damage the capillaries by picking your acne and black heads. Even though it’s hard not to pop the pimples, let it heal naturally. It’s simply not worth the risk of aggravating the acne marks.

Although it seems tempting to lighten acne marks with home remedies that pop up social media, avoid “classics” like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. Although it might feel safe since these substances are natural, they often cause irritation, redness and more acne by disrupting the skin’s pH and weakening the skin barrier.

Less is more

Often, over-washing or over-treating the skin with dehydrating, irritating acne products can actually aggravate both redness and cause more breakouts and acne marks.

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