Acne marks

Wouldn’t it be great if the skin was restored and clear as soon as the pimples has healed? Acne can be very frustrating because, even when the pesky pimples have finally healed, they leave behind stubborn discolorations that take what seems like forever to fade. In short, PIH are the brownish marks that occur when the skin overproduces melanin, and PIE are reddish marks that occur when blood vessels are dilated or damaged. Even though it’s tempting to pop that annoing pimple, we know that feeling all too well, try to resist that urge. It’s simply not worth the risk of aggravating the acne marks.
Preventing acne from happening in the first place is of course the best way to avoid uneven skintone. xxx Essential is a non-irritating multi-targeted anti-acne formula developed to stop acne before it happens, balances sebum production and helps calm inflammation. restore an even skin tone potent antiinflammatory effect

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
Inflammed acne trigger overproduction of melanin, resulting in dark spots at sites of previous pimples. People with darker skin are more likely to develop PIH due to more melanin. To reduce accumulated post acne melanin it’s important to boost skins cell renewal. Pigmentation spots have a better chance of healing if they are protected from UV light, blue light and air pollution, since these factors prolong and worsen the PIH by stimulating melanin production.
Xxx essence formula combines high performance phyto-actives to both prevent and brighten PIH without causing sensitivity or dryness.

Post inflammatory erythema (PIE) are  pink-to-dark red marks mainly affecting people with lighter skin. PIE is a result of inflammed acne that causes dialated or broken blod vessels . These injuries prevents normal blodflow, hence the redness. Since the skin is thinner and more fragile during the healing process, it’s especially important not to squeeze, scratch or touch the pimples to avoid worsen inflammation and further damaging the blood vessels. Xxx xxx a holistic and non- irritating apm helps reduce the causes of acne, anti-inflammatory, strengthens the capillaries and moisturizes and soothes the skin. accelerates healing …

Gentle skin care is essential to achieving an even skin tone. Aggressive facial treatments such as dermabrasion, laser, chemical exfoliants or coarse peels can damage the skin and induce inflammation, which increases the risk of reddish and/or brownish discoloration. Deep cleansing with harsh foaming soap can feel really good if you are dealing with acne, but usually has the opposite effect as it dehydrates the skin which causes inflammation, aggravates redness and triggers more breakouts. Lack of moisture delays skin healing which is another reason to stay away from drying toners/cleansers. It can be tempting to lighten acne marks with home remedies that pop up on social media. Be kind to your skin and stay away from “classics” like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or baking soda. Even though these ingredients may seem safe, they often cause irritation, redness and acne breakouts.

Less is more