Acne marks

Acne is frustrating not only during the breakout itself, but also long after the pimple have healed, as they often leave behind that stubborn mark that takes ages to fade. Banishing acne is of course the best way to avoid uneven skin tone. Xxx Speed up the healing of breakouts, balances sebum production and helps calm inflammation. Moisturizes reinforce the skin barrier.

Different types of post acne marks

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
PIH are brownish marks that remain after a blemish has healed and occour when the skin over produces melanin due to injury and inflammation. PIH primarily affects people of colour . Xxx complex helps calm inflammation, inhibits melanin production and brighten discoloration without causing irritation and dryness.

Post inflammatory erythema (PIE) are  pink-to-red post acne discolorations, that mainly affects fair-skinned people.
The reddish spots are a result of dialated or damaged blod vessels caused by inflammation. Xxx helps

Acne caused marks can get worse if you pick your pimples as it worsens the inflammation. In addition, there is a risk of further damaging the blood vessels. Even though it’s tempting to pop that pimple, we know that feeling all too well, let your skin heal naturally. It’s simply not worth the risk of aggravating the acne marks.

The most important thing when it comes to shortening the time it takes for acne marks to fade is to treat the skin gently.
While it may feel satisfying to let loose on the skin with harsh peels and cleansers, it only leads to dry and irritated skin, which delays the healing process.
UV-light causes inflammation and dehydrates the skin, which in turn aggravates skin redness. Since the sun also stimulates melanin production, it can exacerbate PIH.

Sometimes, it seems tempting to lighten acne marks with home remedies that pop up on social media. Be kind to your skin and stay away from “classics” like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. Even though these sustances may seem safe, they often cause irritation, redness and more outbreaks by disrupting the skin’s pH and damaging the skin barrier.

Less is more

Often, over-washing or over-treating the skin with dehydrating, irritating acne products can actually aggravate both redness and cause more breakouts and acne marks.

our xxx a holistic and non- irritating apm helps reduce the causes of acne, anti-inflammatory, strengthens the capillaries and moisturizes and soothes the skin. accelerates healing …