Sensitive skin and acne

Coping with multiple skin issiues at the same time can be really frustrating. Many of our clients find it difficult to treat acne breakouts while maintaining a healthy skin barrier.
Dehydrated and sensitized skin is a common problem faced by people with oily and blemished skin because the skin barrier is damaged by the attempts to get rid of exess oil and acne.
Sadly, there is a persistent myth that acne and black heads are caused by poor hygien. Thats why many people who struggle with oily skin and acne keep washing and exfoliating their skin far too often. This usually has the opposite effect with increased production of sebum and more blemishes. In addition, the skin becomes overwhelmed by too much cleansing and harsh skincare products, resulting in skin barrier damage and sensitivity.
Because the skin’s self-defense is weakened,
the skin is more susceptible to toxins and bacteria, which further contributes to irritation and pimples.

Since air pollution can contribute to both acne and sensitivity by reducing skins natural defence and cause inflammation, it’s important to boost skin with antioxidants to protect it from pollutants.

Xxx our gently restores weakened barrier and replenishes the skin with moisture, while reducing the factors that cause acne without causing irritation.
Since the shedding of the skin doesnt function properly in oily and dehydrated skin,
Very gentle cleansing and exfoliation is important to remove dry skin patches, skin irritating impurities and prevent clogged pores. Xxx is a caring face cleanser that removes oil and dead skin cells. It is designed to deeply and gently purify irritated skin with inflamed impurities.

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