Sensitive skin and acne

Coping with multiple skin problems at the same time can be really frustrating. Many of our clients find it difficult to treat acne breakouts while maintaining a healthy skin barrier.
Dehydrated and sensitized skin is quite common among people with oily and acneic skin, because the skin barrier has been damaged by the attempts to get rid of exess oil and pimples.
One of the most common myths is that acne and black heads are caused by poor hygien. Trying to get a “cleaner” skin by over washing or over exfoliating it weakens skins barrier, making the skin more susceptible to irritating toxins and bacteria.

The skin can no longer retain water, which means that old skin cells don’t shed but remain on the skin surface. Dehydrated and flaky skin, along with increased oil production, contributes to more clogged pores and acne. To avoid that, its important to remove the dry skin patches by very gentle exfoliation.

Another common misconception is that acne can only be treated using harsh products in an attempt to “dry up” pimples.
If your skin has become sensitized by frequent use of dehydrating, irritating products that trigger inflammation and discomfort, it’s important to give the skin a break and stop using these products. If not, it will lead to more acne, incressed redness, dryness, irritation and even premature aging.

Since air pollution can contribute to both acne and sensitivity by reducing skins natural defence and provoking inflammation, especially when the skin barrier is already damaged, it’s important to boost skin with a coctail of antioxidants and shield it from toxins.

gently restore the weakened skin barrier and replenish the skin with moisture, while reducing the factors that cause acne using gentle yet effective natural treatment. 
Since the shedding of the skin doesnt function properly in oily and dehydrated skin,
exfoliation is especially crucial to prevent clogged pores.

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