Our story

Anna & Fred is a family owned silver jewellery brand, based in Sweden. It all started with a children´s book that our children loved to explore, when they were young. On the last page of that book, there were instructions on how to experiment with geometric shapes by cutting them out from paper and combine these to create interesting designs. We fell in love with the different compositions and were probably even more excited than our children.

Jewellery in hand

We just couldn´t let this idea go and realized that those shapes would look stunning worn as jewelry, so with the ambition to create enviroment friendly, high quality jewellery we mastered the art of silversmithing and began our journey of jewelry design.

At Anna & Fred we combine classic, simplicity with innovation. Our driving force is to create timeless jewlery that makes you stand out whether you´re at a job meeting or on a girl´s night out.